Why Mobile Homes


There are a lot of great reasons that manufactured homes are so popular. As you drive around Arizona you will notice HUNDREDS of mobile home parks and THOUSANDS of mobile homes that people just like you, are enjoying. Have you ever wondered what they know that you don’t? Here’s just a few of the reasons that living in a manufactured home is a MUCH better choice than apartment living.

Live In A Home, Not A Box

It’s A Home. The first and best reason that a manufactured home is better than any apartment or condo is that it IS A HOME. It is a separate, stand-alone house for you and your family. Manufactured homes don’t feel like an apartment because they aren’t. Get your family a home, they deserve it.

No More Shared Walls. Not having to share walls, floors or ceilings means more PRIVACY. Manufactured houses are exactly that, HOUSES, not apartments. When you live in a manufactured home you don’t have any noisy neighbors living above you, below you or sharing any walls with you.

Convenience. Manufactured homes have house adjacent, private parking so you don’t have to lug heavy bags of groceries long distances and up flights of stairs.

In Home Laundry. Every apartment dweller knows the dread on ‘laundry day’ when you have to haul your heavy bags of dirty clothes all the way to the community laundry room (usually to find out you are a few quarters short for a load!). With a manufactured home you have your own private laundry inside your house. With the washer and dryer  right there you don’t have to put off doing your laundry but can do it any time that is convenient for you.

More Living Space. Manufactured homes often have more square footage for the same price as an apartment.

Less Hassles & Maintenance Issues. Many of the inconveniences experienced in apartment life, such as the water being turned off for the day, are caused by other renters and have nothing to do with you or anything you have done. Inappropriate things flushed down the toilet or washed down the sink are chief causes of these kinds of problems but, with a manufactured home, these kinds of issues are almost entirely eliminated. Manufactured homes means easier living.

Better Parking. Manufactured homes often have covered private parking that protects your vehicle from the harsh Arizona sun.

More Storage Space. Manufactured homes frequently come with additional storage space such as tool sheds.

A Yard. Manufactured homes usually come with some private yard and / or deck space for children to play in and for outdoor entertaining.

Less Miles Walked. Mobile homes have home adjacent parking, right next to your front door! And that means no more stairs, no more walking through a dark parking lot at night and no more long treks from the parking lot to your home because you Park In Your Home!

Less Damage to Your Property. No more water damaged property. If you’ve lived in an apartment with renters above you then you would probably have experienced their over-flowing toilet or bathtub or kitchen sink running down, soaking thought their floor and raining down onto YOUR property. With a mobile home, that NEVER happens because no one ever lives above you.