About US

Hello & Welcome!

We are the Andersons, wife, Ana (the brains of the outfit) and husband, Dale (the other half). Over a decade ago we learned how we could help people find clean, affordable places to live and even rent those homes and eventually own them. For us that was a very exciting idea because we both knew a lot of people that were living in some pretty unpleasant places. Now we spend our time helping get people into places that they actually like living in and it is a very rewarding hobby for us both.

We are NOT real-estate moguls. We both have full time jobs and do this in our spare time so our primary goal is to find people who are easy to work with. We are very flexible and easy going so, if you need a nice, affordable place to live, let us know what you want by filling out the form on the Home page of this site.

We look forward to working with you!

The Andersons