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Tell us what you are looking for in your ideal home and we will help you get it. We are looking for nice, friendly, easy going people to help. Please remember that if you don’t include a contact number or email address then we have no way of helping you find the right home for you.


5 thoughts on “Find A Home

  1. Single mom with 2 children. Need nice and pleasant affordable home/ apt. Work full time but solely on one income can be tough.

  2. looking for a home that will allow my son to operate his dog training business. We have a few dogs of our own but would have other pets he is training in and out of the home at all times. He is with the dogs most of the day but if he needs to leave they are put in their crates. He is never gone long. The house flooring and yard are cleaned daily.

  3. Single mother of three beautiful little girls (ages 13..9..and 20 months) We are basically homeless living day to day paying 70 dollars a day for some unpleasant motel rooms. I have no family or friends in this area that can help. I have a steady job and need to find a place so my children have some stability back in their lives. No drinking or drugs. .non smoker. .very clean family. .even willing to do cleaning and repairs to help reduce move in costs.

    • Hi Crickett, I’m sure my wife and I can help you find a nice, clean place for you and your family, we just need to know how many bedrooms, what area you want to live in, etc. Please fill out the form at the top of this page and we will find you something quickly.

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